Orient Power 12V 400Ah lifepo4 battery pack

12V 400AH LiFePO4 Battery Pack with Inbuit BMS

Richard first time contact us though our AMAZON Listing in 2018: Orient Power 12V 100Ah Battery

The doubt is regarding battery size, as his RV space can only get 22 inches width.


Pic 1 RV 12V 400AH LiFePO4 Battery pack dimension

His inverter is 2.5KVA, maximum current from battery around 200A, we have suggested 4 set 12V 100AH With Inbuilt BMS, match each 12V 100Ah battery with 60-100A BMS, maximum constant output current will be 240A to 400A.

More about Application:

The battery bank is used to start a 3600watt Onan propane fired generator to charge the batteries and power the ac circuits when there is inadequate sun to charge the batteries and run the inverter.  Rarely, in emergency situations where the trucks batteries are dead there is a switch to start the 3.0L Ford Diesel engine from the RV battery battery bank. Diesels usually require a lot of cranking amps.

So, direct output lead wires (bypassed BMS) are also added extra to all the packs. While using for engine cranking, power current will be bypassed from BMS.

Richard has good knowledge about electricity, but for this battery, as it has designed with 2 pair of output wires, he get confused while received the 4 set of 12V 100Ah battery with inbuilt BMS. He has got an electrician to help him to open the battery outside cover and check the connection, and also asked us about the details connection.

4 packs 12V 100Ah lifepo4 battery connection

Pic 1 RV 12V 400AH LiFePO4 Battery pack dimension

After few emails, and some hand drawings, all clean, he is so pleased with the battery performance that he left an 5 start positive review on our AMAZON Listing

Orient Power 12V 400Ah lifepo4 battery review

Pic 3 Feedback from 12V 400Ah lifepo4 battery user

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