Orient Power 48V1300AH lithium power system

48V 1300AH Lithium Power Station

Jack saw our amazon shop 12V 100Ah Lithium LiFePO4 Battery raw cell link on May, 2018, and contacted us for battery warranty, battery cycle life...

During the email discussion, we get to know that Jack want to built a 63Kw home solar system to prevent any more power cut during hurricane, like just happened Hurricane Maria.

About application: Jack is installing an off-grid solar system for his house in Puerto Rico. His family survived Hurricane Maria in September of 2017, but the electricity from the city has been horrible… constant outages.

Jack has bought 50pcs solar panels, and a 48VDC input Inverter, so we have recommended him for a 48V 1300Ah lithium system, with 13 packs of 48V 100Ah pack with inbuilt BMS, he was pleased with the solution, and has requested for detailed module specification, cabinet layout plan etc.

Orient Power 48V 1300AH lifepo4 battery layout plan

Ofcourse, for such this big system he has doubt about the techcnial, such as :

  1. Is it safe to use these batteries inside the house? They aren't going to blow up if they go bad?
  2. Do the battery packs come with the cables to connect them to each other?
  3. How do I read the status of the batteries on my phone or computer? Is there an app? Is there a device that I need to buy so that the battery packs will wirelessly communicate with my phone?
  4. (depending on your answers to question 3, maybe these questions are unnecessary…)  I see that there is a connection for communication on the battery pack (RS232 and RS485 communication ports)... what device do I plug into that and where can I buy that?
  5. How and when do I pay? Normally, I prefer to pay by credit card but there are limits with them. 

Explained one by one, jack expected to receive the system ASAP.

To ensure a good performance, all the cells have done match test, have choosen most close rate cells to make lithium packs. 

All packs have made same BMS setting, did charge & discharge test in factory.

All packs have connected to busbar to leave less work for Jack.

Since the cabinet is big, so it took some time for jack to receive it, when jack received it, he could not be happier, he send us this photo to us at the first time when he get it moved into his house.

48v 1300AH Lithium Battery

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