16S 48V100Ah  inside view

48V 200Ah LiFePO4 Battery Pack for Camel Car

CAMEL Truck Lithium Battery DIY 48V 200AH

Jarrod is based in Australia, work as a banker, and spent most of his free time at French island, Australia, where he has house/land/solar setups. He has a small truck, CAMEL brand, which he used it for transport mobile house, and the accessories for the mobile house, such as solar panel, etc...

Lithium CAMEL truck battery

Pic 1 Jarrod’s CAMEL truck

Since the original lead acid battery (6 pieces Trojan T-145) batteries getting old, the truck need frequently charge, and the old batteries leads getting melted few times while using truck to carry heavy load.

Jarrod want to replace the batteries for his CAMEL truck, he has taken both Trojan Battery and Lithium Battery into consideration.

If use lead acid battery, then after 2 years, he might face the same situation.

Jarrod decide to go with the lithium battery, which can have deeper discharge, allows them to use the truck at any time, instead of waiting for old lead acid battery to charge all the time. So the mind has been made.


Jarrod got in touch with Orient Power sales, and has been told that the required special lithium battery pack can be customized, he was pleased, and excited to send lots of his truck information, available space information, and his ideal for the new battery.

 CAMEL truck Trojan T-145 battery and space

Pic 2 CAMEL truck Trojan T-145 battery and space

Our technical person has made the design as per his ideal:

  1. The battery pack is 16S LiFePO4 Battery (48V 100Ah), and the outer box has a handle.
  2. Copper bar for cell connection, enable high current.
  3. Add shockproof material around the internal battery pack.
  4. The internal wiring must meet 200A discharge, 3/0 line, or the same level scheme.
  5. Internal wiring lock screw connection, no solder joints.
  6. Lead out the terminal 300A. If the structure permits, select the terminal position according to the position given in the diagram.
  7. Each 48V100Ah module needs to separately test 175A continuous discharge (the test provides a small video record).
  8. Dimensions: Less than 750x265x300mm
  9. The shipping packaging material meets the fumigation-free requirements for export to Australia.

LiFePO4 48V 100Ah Battery Pack for CAMEL truck

LiFePO4 Camel Truck Battery 3D View

Pic 3 LiFePO4 48V 100Ah Battery Pack for CAMEL truck



LiFePO4 48V 100Ah Battery pack construction details

Pic 4 LiFePO4 48V 100Ah Battery pack construction details


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