About Orient Power

Orient Power battery is a leading manufacturer of lithium iron phosphate batteries (LifePO4), and supplier of All-in-One off-grid solar system.

Invested by upstream lithium material factory, aim to provide high quality, user friendly off-grid solar system, and related products.

Orient Power uses supply chain source, successfully designed 24V LiFePO4 battery pack, customized own Battery Management System in consideration of customers feedback from our rich experience sales & technical support department.

In addition to LiFePO4 batteries, 24V 3KW All-in-One lithium off-grid solar system created to fulfill medium power consumption family power requirement.

LifePO4 batteries and its benefits

Orient Power LifePO4 battery is superior compared to lead acid batteries in following features

  • High specific energy
  • Long life cycles(2000 cycles~8000 cycles)
  • Compact size and light weight
  • High thermal and chemical stability
  • Enhanced safety and best cost effect performance

LifePO4 battery Applications

LifePO4 batteries are perfect choice for high-end applications that require longer life and ability to work in tougether conditions. Few of the applications that utilize LifePO4 batteries are as follows:

  • Boats – Owing to its light weight compared to the lead-acid batteries and also the enhanced lifecycle makes LifePO4 an ideal choice to be used in boat motors
  • Inverters and UPS – LifePO4 batteries when combined with inverters and converters can be used as an energy storage solution. These can power many types of electrical load when you do not have access to electricity.
  • Electric Vehicles- Many of the customers are slowly moving to rechargeable batteries for the sake of environment as well as lesser use of non-renewable fuels. The traditional lead-acid batteries are too heavy for vehicles. LifePO4 batteries are replacing LA batteries due to its lighter weight and higher specific capacity.
  • Radio communication - LifePO4 batteries being lightweight is replacing lead-acid batteries in radio communication like ham radio. These batteries have efficient charge cycles and longevity that makes it a perfect replacement for traditional batteries.
  • Solar equipments- LifePO4 batteries in combination with solar panel and solar controller are a complete solution for your solar energy system. The LifePO4 batteries can be charged by the solar panels and provide power to the electrical loads. The outstanding lifecycle of LifePO4 batteries makes it a reliable solution for your solar applications.
  • General-purpose devices- LifePO4 batteries can be utilized to power many general-purpose equipment including audio amplifiers, cell phones, computers, portable projectors and many more.